Network connectivity defines a couple of things - what number of people will be able to explore a given site concurrently and how swiftly they will be able to do that. When the connection capacity is small, for instance, the maximum throughput may be hit with only a few visitors looking at the site, so newcomers won't be able to gain access to the pages, or in some other scenario, all visitors can have difficulties. When the capacity is sufficient, but the hosting server access speed is small, it will take longer for any page on the Internet site to load and this may lead to visitors simply closing the Internet site, if they see that they need to wait for a few minutes just to view a few web pages. In this light, in order to launch and maintain a prosperous presence online, the hosting server in which you host your site should supply both excellent access speeds and large traffic capacity.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Cloud Hosting

If you order a cloud hosting package from our company, you'll be able to take advantage of the multi-gigabit routes that we use, irrespective of the location of your account. We provide outstanding connectivity in all data centers - in Chicago (USA), in London (UK) and in Sydney (Australia), so any website hosted in them will load very quick constantly. Each one of the three facilities has direct fiber connections with other major metropolitan areas on the respective continents, as well as to overseas cities, so how quick your websites will open depends only on your visitors’ Internet connection. By using redundant providers, we guarantee that there will not be any kind of service interruptions because of a slow or bad connection. In addition, we use brand new highly effective hardware to be sure that the network within the data centers can handle substantial traffic volumes without having an effect on the speed or the overall performance of the sites.